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Plays, short fiction, occasional cartoons.

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Published in Reed Magazine, finalist for its John Steinbeck Short Fiction Award.


Finalist for Zoetrope's All-Story short story competition.

Shortlist for Masters Review Short Story Contest.


Water Music has intrigue, a nervous beat and a point of view that isn’t afraid to pluck the feathers of a noble freedom fighter. . . playwright Erickson is a promising conjurer not afraid to tackle big ideas.

Los Angeles Times

Honor Student is a well-constructed and cleverly conveyed drama that pushes a number of contemporary hot buttons while also delivering the goods as a spooky thriller.  An arresting, provocative and challenging play by Michael Erickson.

Ladue News

Another singular effort was the monologue by actor Steve Pearson in “Apologies from the Lower Deck.” His recitation of Michael Erickson’s absurdist tale was impeccable. . . . creating a witty gestalt.

Los Angeles Times

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